Helvar’s new 458-Series provides an innovative modular control solution to meet the demanding requirements of specifiers and installers. The 458-Series seamlessly integrates with Helvar’s Imagine and DIGIDIM systems. Its unique modularity, and interoperability with common lighting loads and protocols, makes it the perfect architectural lighting control solution.

The 458-Series concept comprises a range of modular mechanical chassis that can house one or more 8-channel control modules to provide dimming, switching and ballast control. The chassis offer standard “out-of-box” functionality, providing basic lighting control even when the light loads are not fully decided yet. The modular chassis take any combination of 458 control modules, and accommodates flexibility to meet last minute design changes. Expanding the system and adding more functionality is very easy.

The 458-Series has been designed to provide easiness and flexibility throughout every stage of the project. The 458 lighting system can be fully customised to meet the clients’ specific requirements. Helvar’s Designer software provides an advanced yet easy-to-use configuration tool, providing functionality from basic lighting scenarios, time schedules to conditional logic.

The 458-Series ensures interoperability with common lighting loads and standards such as DALI, DSI and PWM. Combined with the 910 DIGIDIM and 920 Imagine routers the system also can integrate to third party systems via Ethernet.

More information in 458-brochure.